The festival perimeter has been fully secured and strengthened, using robust fencing.

Ticket checking will be conducted at the first entry gate to Lloyd Park. Crowd limit gates have also been installed as a contingency against any potential breaches and overcrowding at the check-in gates.

Our representatives will be present on all entry points to the park, offering information to festival visitors as they require.

Welfare Facilities and Security

Our welfare facilities and support will remain active throughout the festival and are run by staff that are not only supportive and experienced but also have extensive experience in managing festivals. They will give you 100% confidential advice on alcohol, drugs, legal limit for highs and intoxication, sexual health basics, and offer support for any other reason at all.

The monitored rest and recovery area allows you to recuperate in case you have overdone it. There are also facilities which provide care for vulnerable people or lost children.

Security Measures

Since 2015, we have had the following security initiatives implemented at our festivals including:

  • New security teams from independent security and stewarding companies for keeping perimeter, arena, backstage and offsite security in check
  • Marked security presence all around the perimeter including entrances in particular; new security supervisors and coordinators will manage all security as well as stewarding companies, including operational activity
  • Standard eviction policy which goes in line the serving Police in the area

Please note all entrants are required to go through airport-calibre metal detectors and must undergo body as well as bag searches by designated stewards on entry. We have full rights to refuse entry to any individual who does not comply with this security check procedure or any individual representing them for that matter.

In addition, please understand that you might be expected to get in queue once you have arrived – your patience is highly appreciated in this regard. These security measures have been put in place so that you can enjoy the event in a completely safe and secure environment.

Just to reiterate, security measures will be in effect all over the festival perimeter – this includes sniffer dogs and metal detectors at each entry gate. We do not allow large bags to be passed through and we do not have a cloakroom. We do allow small bags, however, and we highly appreciate your patience as well as your cooperation upon entering the festival.