We strictly do not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour or remarks against any other individual or group present at our festivals – irrespective of their race, background, gender, age, disability, religion, marital/civil partnership status, sexual orientation or gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity.

We feel privileged and are somewhat proud to have a diverse and unique range of customers at our festivals; if, at any point, you see or experience anyone going against the above, please report any such occurrences right away to a designated onsite staff member.

General On-site Care and Safety

For your on-site convenience and safety, we would recommend the following:

  • Decide ahead of time on a meet-up point with friends and family. Should you get separated, choose a meet-up spot and time which can save you from the trouble of getting lost.
  • Study the festival site layout beforehand to help find stewards and nearby toilets easily
  • Your phone needs to be fully charged should you need to call one of your friends for any reason
  • Stay adequately hydrated; we have placed drinking water points all over the festival site which are safe and tested and free as well
  • Please review the complete list of things you can/cannot bring to the site by visiting the Event Info section
  • Be consciously aware; a music festival is a great place to have fun but drink wisely and acknowledge your limits beforehand

Security measures have been put in place, including sniffer dogs and metal detectors, at all respective entry/exit gates. Large bags cannot be allowed at the site as there are no cloakrooms. Small bags are however, allowed, as long as their dimensions do not exceed 21cm x 30cm x 8cm (width, height, depth).

We would highly appreciate your patience and cooperation, and ask you to keep the above in mind when entering the festival.

Our festival stewards have been trained and designated to help you – please do not hesitate to ask for help no matter what the situation. You may need directions, or you may have to report someone or something in case trouble is being stirred up; all you need to do is bring it to our stewards’ attention.

The Welfare Tent shall remain active throughout the festival and houses experienced as well as highly supportive staff. They will offer you their full support should you require any advice whatsoever. For instance, if you feel you have gone past your limits, they will offer a supervised rest and recuperation area to let you recover in privacy.

Please do not hesitate to visit the Welfare Tent if you need help or guidance on any of the above or need someone to talk to for any reason whatsoever.

In Case of Emergencies

We have designated hundreds of security personnel, stewards and on-duty staff which stand out through their festival tabards. Should you require an emergency response, please locate a staff member by identifying through the festival tabard, and they will either assist you directly or get you in touch with the right personnel for assistance.

Should there be any situation or circumstance where a “non-emergency” crime or information on a crime needs to be reported at the festival, please call 101 right away.

In cases where you need to report a life-threatening crime, please contact a nearby police officer right away. Should an officer of the law be out of means, please speak to one of our designated staff members so they can report it to the police. However, if you cannot find anyone appropriate, please call 999.

Drug Use and Legal Limit for Highs/Intoxication

We strongly advise you not to bring any illegal drugs or legal/psychoactive substances for that matter, to the festival. Should this be the case, you will be asked to leave right away and consequently handed over to the police.

It is to be noted that contents of substances with legal highs can be highly toxic, including plant-based ones. They have not been tested on humans and do have the potential to cause death.

The use of nitrous oxide (NOS) or any other gas-inspired recreational drug is strictly prohibited across the entire festival site. If any individual is found in possession of gas canisters or any other means of using gas for “recreational high” purposes, he/she shall be evicted immediately from the site without notice.

First Aid Administration

First aid and welfare services will be available at the festival throughout the weekend. Please visit the onsite first aid and welfare tents for assistance with any injuries or healthcare issues.

Disabled Facilities


The Butterfly Effect Festival is on a green-field site. While there are some sheltered areas (marquees) it is mainly an open-air event. Weather and ground conditions may be variable and in times of extreme weather, mobility on the site may become very difficult. We ask you to consider this before purchasing a ticket.


The Butterfly Effect Festival has been working hard to ensure we offer an accessible and enjoyable experience for disabled customers and those with specific requirements. We’re working harder than ever to make adjustments and additions to the layout and operations in order to make it as accessible as possible. Please read all the below information before purchasing your ticket(s).

When booking your ticket through our website you will receive alongside your festival ticket (if you have the valid documentation) the below:

1. An Accessibility Wristband.
2. A carer ticket (if you are unable to attend the festival without the aid of assistance).

*If you wish to register for any of the above facilities, you must do so by Friday 20th July 2018. Applications cannot be accepted after this time.

1. Accessibility Wristband   This grants access to accessible facilities on the site. Details on facilities will follow shortly.  If you have registered for the Accessibility Wristband and it has been confirmed by us.

2. Carer Ticket   We operate a scheme where you are able to bring a carer/personal assistant who gets free entry*. These are limited, and it is a scheme for the exclusive use of people who would otherwise be unable to attend Citadel without the aid of a carer/PA on site. This carer ticket must be confirmed by our dedicated accessibility team in advance and is not an automatic privilege when registering as an accessible guest. All carer/PA tickets are to be collected from the accessibility window at the box office on the day.   * Proof of disability will be requested in advance of the show. Any queries can be emailed to info@butterflyeffectfestival.com

If you wish to make use of any of the facilities listed above, please contact the Accessible Ticketing team. In order to book your accessible tickets please email the Accessible Ticketing Team at info@butterflyeffectfestival.com

PLEASE NOTE: Your accessibility pass(es) will not be sent out in advance with your ticket(s). All passes will be collected at the designated accessibility window at the box office.

For any furthur assistance regarding the above, please email us at info@butterflyeffectfestival.com.

The Butterfly Effect Festival